Privacy Policy recognizes the importance of protecting each person’s right to privacy as fundamental to the quality of customer relationships. Technology and new marketing practices have increased the amount of customer information collected and shared in today’s marketplace. Consumers are concerned about the impact this development has or might have on their privacy and reputation. At we are sensitive to the importance of these concerns. We want to serve consumers as effectively and conveniently as possible and such services involve making use of technology and customer information. We want our customers to be confident that their relationship with is treated with the appropriate confidentiality. We, therefore, commit to customers that we will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the information shared with us. Our customers are protected not only by state and federal laws but – even more importantly – by’s commitment to them. Principles of Privacy: 

  • Recognizes and respects each customer’s expectation that his or her privacy will be protected. 
  • Will collect and use only that information that is needed for legitimate business purposes. 
  • Will strive to maintain information about our customers that is both accurate and complete. 
  • Will limit access to information to those authorized individuals who have a legitimate need to know. 
  • Will maintain security measures that guard access to and disclosure of information about our customers. 
  • Will not disclose information about accounts or transactions to outside parties unless there is an appropriate legal or business justification.