Parking Permits

Aquavista parking permits are required of guests while on property. All parking permits must be obtained from this site. Any other permits/passes are invalid. Once the parking permit form request has been completed, the appropriate permit and receipt will be emailed to you for printing and display. PARKING IS ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS AND IS NOT GUARANTEED.

A gate code is required for entry into the parking garage.  Please ensure you have obtained your code prior to arrival from the owner or property management company. Aquavista does not offer a front desk check-in.

Parking at Aquavista is limited and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  An authorized parking permit must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard.   The covered parking garage has clearance height restrictions and turning restrictions at the entrance and around the property, therefore oversized vehicles are not allowed.

Our Parking Policy is strictly enforced by management, maintenance, and security.

Aquavista Condominium Parking Rules Summary

  1. All vehicles parked on the condominium property must display a valid parking permit. Valid permits include (i) Unit Owner decals, (ii) free guest/renter permits for first passenger vehicles, and (iii) paid permits for second and Non-Passenger vehicles.
  2. Guest/renter permits must display the Aquavista unit, the check-in/check-out dates, and a contact number, and can obtained from the Association at
  3. Parking of second vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, and other non-passenger vehicles are subject to prior written approval of the Association and the payment of a parking fee through
  4. Vehicles not displaying a valid parking permit will be towed without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  5. Temporary Visitor’s parking including vendors and cleaning crews are limited to six (6) hours.
  6. All vehicles must be parked within the lines of a marked parking space.
  7. All vehicles parked on the condominium property must have a valid state registration tag and a license plate. No inoperable, junked, or derelict vehicle shall be parked on the condominium property at any time.
  8. This Rules Summary is for convenience only. The full parking rules for the Aquavista Condominium are contained in the Aquavista Condominium Parking Policy. You can obtain a copy of the Parking Policy from the Community Association Manager or on the
    website at All Aquavista owners, renters, and guests must comply with the Parking Policy
  9. CURRENT PARKING RATES: First passenger vehicle – no charge. Second passenger vehicle permit – $25.00 per week (one-week minimum charge) or $35.00 per month. NonPassenger Vehicle permit – $50.00 per week (one-week minimum charge).

Please complete this form for a parking permit(s):


First passenger vehicle – no charge.
Second passenger vehicle – $25.00 per week or $35.00 per month. This includes GOLF CARTS.

For stays more than one week, choose the monthly option. Stays longer than one month will require a new permit each month.

Non-Passenger vehicle parking including trailers, golf carts, or other non-passenger vehicles is available at $50 per week. These vehicles are authorized only for one parking space. Larger vehicles may have a narrow turning radius when entering the property. Please use EXTREME CAUTION. Also, Note Garage Clearance is 7 Ft. Please call the office should you have questions regarding these vehicles.

All vehicles including vendors must maintain a parking permit and check in with the Maintenance Office.